We’ve got you “covered”

Have you ever questioned whether or not your insurance agent had your best interests in mind, or merely their commission? Through the years in working with numerous insurance agents, I’ve noticed a growing number not truly understanding coverage and how it works.  How is a policyholder going to understand their coverage if their agent does not?  An agent continues to get commissions whether or not a policyholder has adequate coverage.  In addition, I have noticed that many policyholders I talk to do not even know who their agents are, or worse, what their coverage is. Are you properly covered? Do you know how your coverage would work for you in the event of a covered loss? Do you know what a covered loss is?

Hearing policyholders answer no, over and over, to one or all of these questions is why knowmycoverage.com was formed. It is very important that you know what coverage you have. Why, you ask? In the insurance world we call an “event” an “occurrence”. In the event an occurrence takes place who do you call next, after 911? More than likely, your insurance company.

Think about that car accident…personal injury…fire…snow collapses a roof…break-in at your home…all of these might trigger a 911 call…and all would trigger an insurance policy as well. Typically the time most policyholders find out they do not have proper coverage is AFTER an occurrence. Most would agree, that is the worst time to find out!

We are committed to explaining to our clients what coverage they have in place and what coverage they might consider increasing or adding. If you have not had an insurance review with your agent in the past year…or ever…this service is for you. If you purchase your insurance online and do not have an agent…this service is for you. If you do not understand your insurance program, we will explain it to you.

We do not quote anything, nor do we represent any particular company. We are your advocate in understanding your insurance program and how to potentially make it stronger for you. Insurance is a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be a mystery.